Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Graveyard Point area is in an area classified as "high desert." The sage brush plant pictured above is the major -- if not only -- plant of the area. Usually its flowers are yellow. However, very rarely, purple flowers will bloom. What most people know as the "sage" spice comes from these purple-flowered plants. Jake discovered three of these plants this summer in the valley, and Gene is currently drying them in his truck. When the plants have dried, the leaves must be crushed, the stems pulled out, and the rest ground to produce sage spice. "I did this years ago at Morrisonite," Gene mentioned. "I brought the spice home and gave some to friends who were great cooks. They told me it was about four times as potent as store bought sage."

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  1. I know you always have your eyes on the ground, but did you notice those clouds?


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