Wednesday, June 23, 2010

"It Was All In My Truck"

Gene has returned from his mining operation in Oregon! He brought with him a truckload of Regency Rose Plume Agate. Much of it is multicolored plume, some with very beautiful pinks possible. After unloading all of the rock pictured here, Gene chuckled, "that's it for the truck; now I've got to get the rock out of the camper." Gene will be grading and sorting the rock for the rest of the week -- and maybe part of next week too. "Many different types of agate are possible at Graveyard," Gene explained. He brought back some with pink plumes, yellow/gold and white plumes, some with black marcasite plumes in blue agate, and some with various colored agate and little to no plumes. "There is such a variety of rock in the deposit," Gene remarked, "but most people think there are only pink plumes." Some of these different agate variants will be inspected more closely in up-coming posts.

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