Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No Coffee?!

After hastily packing equipment and supples, Gene left for Oregon. His first day of driving, he traveled 600 miles, pulling over at a wayside in Nebraska to sleep in his trailer for the night. After all of that driving, he  sat down to brew the dark-brown fuel which keeps him and his adventures moving: coffee. Panic! Gene could not find the coffee pot! He rummaged around the camper, but could night find it in any of the logical places.  As Gene was doing this, he noticed a big storm coming. He ran out to the truck in the rain to find his back-up: the camp coffee pot. "Well," he thought, "at least I can have camp coffee."

Now what most miners do, is boil both the grounds and the water in at the same time. In fact miners like to see them boil together three times before they splash just a little more water in the pot to settle the grounds. Gene performed this ritual -- as he has many times before -- and relished his coffee. The next morning, while searching in the food pantry for breakfast, he found his percolater! Now Gene could enjoy whichever method of brewing coffee he wished -- and he, for sure, had coffee.

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