Friday, June 4, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

     Today it is raining at Graveyard Point. The soil is mostly bentonite and turns to grease, making the roads entirely impassable. Whenever it rains at Graveyard, the saying goes, you are only on the road when you're crossing it. So Gene and Jake must wait for the ground to dry up before they can continue mining.
     "But yesterday was good," said Gene. He and Jake had six visitors from California who had the opportunity to see the mine and hound through the operation's dump pile. Gene managed to get some work done around the cave, and found a promising vein of agate he plans to follow.
     More cave exploration was planned for today. The rock near the entrance of the cave does not look very good. "However," Gene reported, "there is good agate above the cave. I'm hoping it goes down the back wall of it." As soon as  the rain lets up, and the sun dries the mine -- at least a little -- Gene and Jake will be diving back in.

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